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Welcome to the International Women’s Brass Conference. We are a community of people working to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the arts. If you believe in making the world a better place, if you are a person who wants everyone to have a fair chance, equal representation, and the opportunity to have a place in this field then we say to you: You are welcome here and we are so glad to have you. 

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Dr. Amy Cherry

A Note from our President

The International Women’s Brass Conference is excited to be traveling to Mito City, Japan on August 14-18 for our 2024 conference! Hosted by Kana Madarame, this event will be a unique experience bringing together an international collection of brass players while offering an opportunity to explore Mito City and the Japanese culture. Special events, including a Tea Ceremony and a mass trumpet ensemble performance, will be held along with concerts featuring a collaborative Monarch Brass Ensemble, and a combined brass band with Japanese players and members of the Athena Brass Band. Traditional conference activities such as competitions, presentations, and recitals will take place in the newly opened Mito City Civic Center. Please check out the conference website at conference.myiwbc.org and consider joining us for this exciting opportunity!

In addition to our work preparing for Japan in 2024 we are thrilled to be planning our next state-side conference for May 19-24, 2025 at the University of Iowa hosted by Katy Ambrose! We look forward to sharing more details as they become available.

The IWBC’s 2024 Mentorship Program is well underway and it has been fantastic to see so many new faces involved in this program as both Mentors and Mentees. If you are not participating this year, please consider getting involved in the program for 2025. The group sessions are open to all program participants and encourage conversation and questioning in a supportive environment; the individual pairings are building the valuable relationships so important in music and life. The Mentorship Program is helping to bring our community closer together and I look forward to seeing it expand each year.


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Take care,

Dr. Amy Cherry (she/her)

President, International Women’s Brass Conference

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