A Tribute to Betty Glover

Betty Glover, pioneering trombonist, inspiring teacher and conductor, has passed.  Ms. Glover was a faculty member of the College Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati for 40 years from 1952-1992 and served as the conductor of the Brass Choir at CCM from 1969-1992. She performed as the Bass Trombone and Tenor Tuba player with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Opera (1952-1985).

Long-time friend and colleague of Ms. Glover’s, Marie Speziale, has shared:

“It is so hard to put into words the significance of a nearly 62-year friendship with a person as enormously impressive as Betty Glover. I first met Betty in 1960, my freshman year at CCM. As a young female brass player with no women as role models at the time, I found her immense presence in the Cincinnati community of musicians extremely inspiring and impactful. A true pioneer, she paved the way for generations of women brass players.   She was an amazing performer, a brilliant pedagogue and someone who was profoundly passionate about promoting the highest level of music-making. Betty Glover: the performer, the educator, the conductor, the trailblazer, the consummate professional!  How fortunate we are to have been in her orbit for so many years.”

Ms. Glover received our Pioneer Award at IWBC 1993 in St. Louis, making her part of the inaugural class of Pioneers. The IWBC joins with all the communities who were shaped by Betty’s high standards and made better by her musicianship in mourning her loss and expressing our gratitude for her gifts. Rest in peace.