Astrid Marie Nøkleby

Astrid Marie Nøkleby is educated from Østlandets Musikonservatorium ( 1981-1985) in Oslo, Norway, where she studied the trombone with Aline Nistad, (the principal trombone player in The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra) and pedagogical topics for 4 years. 

Since 1985 Astrid has worked as a tromboneteacher in different local music schools near Oslo. Today she is appointed as a trombone teacher at  Bærum municipal school of music and fine arts about 20 kilometres west of Oslo. During the week she teaches about 30 trombonepupils aged 5-18 on the alto – and tenor-trombones.

She is also appointed as a tromboneteacher at Edvard Munch Videregående skole in Oslo.

She likes to play her trombone both in a trombone quartett called ” Fromage” and for several years she played the sackbut in AKTO, playing music from the middleages, rennesance and baroque area.

Astrid takes an acitve interest in arranging workshops in Asker and Bærum, inviting famous brassteachers/players. Over the last years she has arranged workshops with  Wolfgang Guggenberger, Frits Damrow, Ralph Sauer, Ingemar Roos , Jeroen Berwaerts, Brad Edwards and Frøydis Ree Wekre.

Astrid likes to share her knowledge about teaching the very young trombone players and she likes to do workshops for other brassteachers.

She has translated “Improve your practice” by Paul Harris into Norwegian and she has developed the alto-trombone method “Rett på musikken” part one and two. She has also published ” Kvartventilen”, a trombonebook written with the purpose of develeoping the lower register for tenortromboneplayers. The book is aslo published in an English/ German version called ” The F-attachment/ Das Quarventil”. 

For 12 years she has  done upgrading courses at Blekinge International Brass Academy in Sweden  and these courses again has led to more creativity and new ideas in her own teaching and playing.

In August 2014 a workbook called “Musikkforsker 1″ was published at Norsk Noteervice in Norway. In this book the young musicians  are ment to do research on their own playing repertoire.  Later on ” Musikkforsker 2″ has also been published.

During the last few years ” The Suzuki-method” for brass has taken a lot of Astrids attention. She took her exam as the worlds first Suzukteacher on the trombone level one in 2018 and are now in progress with level two and will take her exam  durinig the automn 2020. She will develope the Suzuki book level one  on trombone and she is a member of the European Suzuki Association Brass Committee.