Deanna Swoboda

Dr. Deanna Swoboda – tubist, educator, entrepreneur, and Associate Professor of Music at Arizona State University. She is a former tubist of Dallas Brass and creator and performer of a recruiting video and educational music workshop called “Band Blast Off.” Deanna has co-hosted (2012) and hosted IWBC (2019) conferences as well as host for ITEC 2023. Deanna is a Past President of the International Tuba Euphonium Association, is an Eastman Tuba Artist, and is Assistant Director of Graduate Studies in Music at Arizona State University. Swoboda’s research interests include creative and social entrepreneurship in the context of music and music curricula, with a focus on equity through all strands of music education. You can explore her tuba artistry on CDs Deanna’s WonderlandShamanic JourneyTable for ThreeFanfare and FlourishGames for Brass