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A Caged Bird (2014) – Barbara York

Program Notes on A Caged Bird Scored for trombone (or euphonium) and piano, this piece was not written specifically in response to either the poem by Maya Angelou or that by Paul Dunbar that both refer to “the caged bird”. However, there is no doubt that both poems have inspired my

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Combined Efforts (2014) – Silverman

The title Combined Efforts is a play on the name of the group for whom the work was commissioned by the International Women’s Brass Conference for IWBC 2014 – the Symbiosis Duo. It’s scored for euphonium, tuba, and piano and was premiered by Symbiosis Duo (Stacy Baker and Gail Robertson) plus Eunbyol Ko on

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The Face of Water (2014) for Brass and Percussion – Marilyn Shrude

The Face of Water for Brass and Percussion examines some of the many characteristics of our source of life—water. Upon receiving this commission about a year ago, I was struck by the volatile weather we were experiencing not only in Ohio, but also throughout the world. Storms, floods, drought, extreme temperatures—all

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