Noteworthy Newsletter

Noteworthy is IWBC’s biannual newsletter. 

Noteworthy Newsletter Submissions

IWBC takes our mission to promote the incredible work that our members are doing seriously. Our biannual newsletter is always full of articles by our members and noteworthy news showcasing their accomplishments. If you would like your news or an article to be considered for the upcoming newsletter, please use the forms below to let us know! Our editors will contact you if any adjustments or length revisions need to be made. Articles will be reviewed for acceptance.

Noteworthy News

Noteworthy News are shorter articles or can be as little as a few sentences describing exciting enterprises like a new CD release, important concert, winning a job, etc.


Articles are more substantial in length than Noteworthy News. Articles often include historical research, wellness initiatives, and academic research. 

Noteworthy Newsletter Questions?

Have any questions about our newsletter? Feel free to reach out to the Executive Editor, Raquel Samayoa