Get Involved

From our Conference to historical research and day -to-day operations, IWBC is extremely grateful for the support of our talented volunteers. Without their dedication, our mission to promote diversity and inclusion in the brass community would not be possible.

Holiday Brass

Our Holiday Brass Concerts in St. Louis and Baltimore are such a huge success in large part because of our amazing volunteers! If you are looking to get involved in those, visit the Holiday Brass Page to learn more. 


Our biggest need for volunteers is for our conference. We appreciate volunteers both at the conference and people who are looking to get some hands-on arts administration and event planning experience by helping with conference planning.

Historical Research

Are you interested in the history of women in brass? We love partnering with people to create resources and aid in your personal research whether it is for school or a personal project. Historical Research volunteers help with our Archive page, newsletter, social media, and more!


In addition to our conference, IWBC runs a multitude of programs such as the Mentorship Program, Penny Turner Young Artist Award, Brass Flexibilities Interview Series, and Graphic Quotes Series. Volunteers are always welcome to help with these and learn more about graphic design, program management, and collaborate with others.

Let's Chat!

Send us a note using the form below and we’d love to schedule a time to talk about the most enjoyable ways that you can get involved with IWBC! *Note: if you are interested in volunteering at a conference, do not use this form. 

Interested in Volunteering at the Conference?